Google Play Allows NFT Games: A Game-Changer!

Google Play Allows NFT Games
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Google Play Allows NFT Games

The store’s team has announced a new policy allowing video game publishers to incorporate Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for sale or rewards. Developers are required to disclose this feature in the game descriptions and are strictly prohibited from incorporating any form of gambling.

In a blog post dated July 12, Joseph Mills, the Group Product Manager of the store, revealed that Google Play has updated its policy to permit the inclusion of blockchain-based digital content transactions within apps and games. This includes the introduction of NFT rewards to enhance user engagement and loyalty.

This decision by Google Play follows previous actions taken by the platform. In 2018, it banned crypto mining apps, and in 2020, it removed the Bitcoin Blast video game due to deceptive practices. Likewise, Apple’s App Store announced in October that NFTs acquired externally cannot provide players with special advantages within a game; otherwise, the game could face removal. Furthermore, NFTs distributed through Apple’s App Store version of a game are subject to a 30% fee.

These actions and announcements led some experts to speculate about potential challenges for mobile NFT games. However, Google Play’s new policy demonstrates its willingness to embrace NFT games on Android devices, provided specific conditions are met.

As per the blog post, game developers must transparently disclose whether their game allows users to purchase or earn NFTs or cryptocurrencies. Additionally, developers are explicitly prohibited from glorifying potential earnings from gaming or trading activities and are not allowed to sell loot boxes or enable gambling mechanics.

Subject to adherence to these guidelines, games are permitted to integrate tokenized assets into the gameplay experience, potentially offering innovative takes on traditional games through user-owned content. Google Play emphasized that these standards were collaboratively developed with leaders in the Web3 gaming sector, and it expressed a commitment to ongoing engagement with developers to understand their challenges and opportunities.

It’s important to note that Web3 games have faced restrictions on platforms like Steam, the world’s largest PC game distributor. However, Epic Games, a competitor to Steam, recently introduced the NFT card game Gods Unchained on June 22.

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